Bakery Hobein

Apprentice Programs

Fachverkäufer/innenAlthough anyone may apply, it is typically the students with Haupt- or Realschulzeugnis that enter an apprentice program.
The apprentice programs of German guilds have centurys of tradition. Young people learn through on-the-job training, the ins and outs of a trade.

German students have the choice of leaving school after the ninth grade with a Hauptschulzeugnis, or after the tenth grade with a Realschulzeugnis, or continuing on to the thirteenth grade with a Gymnasiumzeugnis.

During the three years as an apprentice, four days each week are spent with on-the-job training and at least one day in school.

Ausbildung Bäckerei HobeinWhen the apprentice has finished his or her training and passed the required exams, he or she is a Journeyman of his or her chosen Profession.

At Hobein's, apprentice programs are availible for the professions Baker and Salesperson. Please contact us for more information. 


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