Bakery Hobein

Wedding Cakes

Fotolia_72655_XSThe creation of your dream cake.
How would you like it?

German wedding cakes are typically made with either whipped cream or sugar icing We can make each layer a different taste sensation

Do you like marzipan??
The marzipan roses we use are hand-crafted by our sugar confectioner. We can color coordinate the roses to match your color scheme

Silver Pearls, Chocolate Filigrans?
and other hand-crafted decorations will make your cake special

A large assortment of porcelan cake decorations are available!
We can form dough into any shape!
For your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Erotically shaped bakery products made out of marzipan, bread, pastry can be made to order!

Specialty Cakes
Our sugar confectioner will create the perfect cake for every occasion!


The Master Baker offers his expert advice for all your baked good needs.
Ask us. Our qualified personel will gladly advise you


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