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Bread in germany

Fotolia_2323291_STraditional germans meals are a bit different than those in the usa. Bread, rolls, sweets and other baked goods play a big role in the meal planning. As an american who has lived in Germany for over a decade I will try to explain the differences.

"Frühstück"or Breakfast is typically cold cuts,cheese and/or jelly, butter and honey served with bread and rolls. On Sundays, a soft-boiled egg is included. Although Cornflakes and Company have make their way into german kitchens, you will seldom find bacon and eggs or pancakes with sausage and syrup outside the large international hotels.

"Pausenbrot", The second Breakfast is usually a sandwich around 10 o'clock. Obviously bread and rolls are needed again! German sandwiches have only a few slices of lunchmeat and a little butter on them. Tastes are slowly changing and you will find lettuce,tomato, mustard or mayo on a few of them.


"Mittagessen" or Lunch is typically the largest meal of the day. Meat, potatoes or pasta, salad, vegetables, gravy and rolls in some form are usually served. I think this is a very practical. You still have half the working day to work the meal off! Although working families have their large meal in the evening when everyone is home from work, on the weekends the lunch tradition is usually followed.

"Kaffee Zeit" or coffee break is at 3 p.m. In Germany it is much more than a quick cup of java. German cakes and pastrys are now called for. The german bakeries have centuries of tradition. The cakes and pastrys are not as sweet as their american cousins. Kaffee zeit is a time to relax and chat with friends or associates. Business or social dates can be arranged around this special time. Who knows, if the date works out it can be extended into the evening or if it doesn't, the formal date is over when the coffee and cake are finished!

"Abendbrot" or dinner is the evening meal. As mentioned earlier, many germans have their large meal of the day in the evening but traditonally, bread and cold cuts are served. German bread is much more filling than american sandwich bread. Whole wheat and rye breads are most popular, white bread definitely comes in last place.

As you can see, baked goods play a large role in our lives here in Germany. Should you visit Germany, definitely take the time to visit a german bakery and cafe. It is an experience you will not forget! If you are in northern Hessen, come to our main store in Fürstenhagen. Just ask for Kathleen Hobein, I'll be glad to show you around.


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